Personalised house signs: Stainless Steel house sign, Matt Finish

Personalised house signs

House signs can be very same-y, can’t they?  Maybe it’s because people don’t know they could design their own. Personalised house signs cost very little more than standardised ones and they’re much more interesting. Here’s how to get yours.

First you choose your material.

This is a very personal decision and also depends on where the plaque will be sited.

If you like classic styles, or live in a house that would look silly with a modern sign, brass is a beautiful material to use. It does need polishing, but it’s worth the effort and will look wonderful for years. We use a highly polished 3mm thick brass, and your lettering can be infilled in a colour or left plain.

Bronze is another classic material; our bronze is also 3mm thick and ages beautifully. It’s darker than brass and needs no maintenance. The lettering can be coloured or plain, and can be cut into the metal or reverse-etched so that the letters stand out from the background.

Staying with metal, stainless steel looks more modern and “clean” than either brass or bronze. The steel we use is marine-quality, so it’s totally weather-proof, and comes in either a brushed or a polished finish.

For a totally contemporary look, why not consider perspex? It’s very versatile. The lettering is stuck to the clear front plate and the back plate can be any colour you like; you also get a choice of colours for the fixings, so you can create absolutely one-of-a-kind personalised house signs with perspex.

All the materials can be cut to any size and shape so, whichever one you choose, your next step is to decide what format you want. The size will dictated both by your budget and by where the sign will be placed.   A small sign on a gatepost may well be visible, but a small sign on a house the other side of the front garden won’t be – and there’s not much point having a sign if no-one’s going to be able to read it. So try before you buy: cut a piece of card to size and hold it up in the relevant place and ask someone to make sure they can read it easily.

Once you’ve decided what your personalised house sign will say you need to choose what goes on it.

Do you just want your house number and/or name? The number and street name? The number and your family name, perhaps?

You can have unlimited text on any sign we make (most other manufacturers limit your text) so the choice is up to you.

You also need to choose a font that will look good on the material you’ve chosen, and decide whether you want an image or not.

We can help with both these choices if you don’t already know what you want: we can suggest appropriate fonts and have a range of images to choose from. We’ll send you a free pdf proof before we make the sign, so you can make sure everything’s exactly as you want it.

Some people like plain signs and some prefer fancy, so we also offer a scalloped border if you’d like one.

Your final choice is the fixings


Your house sign can be attached to a backing board or a stake, or fixed directly to a wall with either screws or heavy-duty adhesive tape. We can supply all the fixings and also drill the holes if you’re using screws.

You can use the order form on the website to design your personalised house signs or, if you want something that isn’t covered there, please ask – we can create pretty much anything and are always happy to help. It’s easy really, so why have a boring old sign like everyone else’s when you could have a unique personalised house sign? Just use the form on the website or call us today with your requirements.


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