Aluminium Sign with vinyl graphics

Business signs come in all shapes, sizes and colours to reflect your branding and business style.

They also come in many different materials, for indoor or outdoor use, fixing to walls or posts – the possibilities may not be quite endless, but they’re definitely wide.

Foamex and perspex: light but strong

If you want a large sign for outdoors, Foamex might be the best solution. Foamex is a very sturdy, 10mm thick white plastic, light enough for easy fixing to tall posts or high on a wall, so your sign can be seen above a hedge or vehicles. Foamex can be easily cut to shape, offering you a very visual way to promote your business – a strawberry for a fruit farm, perhaps, or a teapot for tearooms.

Foamex signs have vinyl lettering and logos. The vinyl may be in a single colour, multi colours or full colour surface-printed, and you can have a different colour border. Fixing holes can be pre-drilled if you know exactly where you want them, or you can easily drill them yourself on site. Alternatively, if you are fixing the sign to a smooth interior surface, you can use strong double-sided tape. Foamex business signs are a good budget option.

Perspex signs are very modern- looking, and rather heavier and more durable than Foamex. The vinyl lettering, with your logo if required, is applied to the back of the 3mm thick clear perspex, with a coloured textured backplate behind to help it stand out.

The lettering and/or the backplate can be in your corporate colour or any other colour you choose. The signs come pre-drilled for you, with brass stand-off fixings, which are available with a polished or satin chrome or polished brass finish.

Metal signs

Aluminium is another great material for quality cost-effective indoor or outdoor business signs that will never need maintenance; road signs are made of aluminium for this reason. We use 2mm thick aluminium, powder-coated in white so that your lettering stands out clearly.

Vinyl lettering for aluminium signs can be in a single colour or multi-coloured, or even full colour surface-printed, and you can choose to have it with or without a border. The signs can be pre-drilled for you and screws or double-sided fixing tape can also be supplied. Simple one- or two-colour logos and icons, such as no-smoking symbols, can be added at no extra cost.

Stainless steel is another great material for outdoor use, especially near the sea: we use 3mm thick marine-grade stainless steel 316, which is tough enough to build boats with. You can choose either a brushed or polished finish, a variety of backing boards (or none), and a range of fixing options depending where the sign will be placed.

Stainless steel gives you more lettering options than the other materials mentioned so far. The lettering and/or logo can be etched into the metal and will then, normally, be coloured. Alternatively, the text can be reverse-etched: the background area is removed leaving the lettering standing proud, which gives an unusual and striking effect. Neither method affects the durability of the metal.

Brass is the classic material for business signs. It’s best used indoors as it needs regular polishing if it’s exposed to the weather. The lettering is often infilled in black, but any colour or combination of colours can be used, so it’s easy to create logos or to combine corporate colours with black, for example.

Finally, the top material for signs: bronze. 3mm thick aged bronze, to be precise, combining beauty, strength and class.

As with stainless steel, the lettering can be etched into the bronze and then coloured, or reverse-etched to stand proud. The bronze is then patinated so that it needs no maintenance and will age beautifully wherever it is sited. Bronze is well worth its slightly higher price, because it will never lose its style or wear out.

Whatever type of business signs you’re looking for, if you already know what you want you can upload all the details on the relevant page of this site.

If you’re not sure, we’ll be happy to discuss your needs, advise on materials and draw up a design for you. So get in touch today and make your business stand out.

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