Design your own house sign. Perspex Personalised Plaques

Design Your Own House Sign

If you don’t want it to look like all the others in the street, why not design your own house sign and make it really stand out?

Also, when taxi or delivery van drivers are trying to find your house, they will be very grateful if a plate with your house name or the street number is clearly visible.

Design elements

stainless steel house sign
Unique house number and name plates are really easy to create. You can choose from a range of fonts, borders and other design elements and arrange the layout exactly how you want it. If you’re not quite sure, we’re always happy to help put the design together.

When you design your own house sign, you can have it made from whatever material you like instead of having to settle for what’s available in the shops. Bronze, stainless steel, slate, perspex and a variety of other materials are all very weather-proof and will look good for years. Brass is less practical for outside use unless you enjoy polishing: it will need a good rub-up at least once a week to stay looking good.

Making your house sign

Making your house isgn

The letters, numbers and other elements of your chosen design are etched into whatever material you choose.

First we make up a stencil, which is attached to the material so that only the areas you want will be etched.

The next stage is to apply undercoat, which “eats” into the material to give a good surface for the paint to grip onto. Several layers of paint are applied so that the design will not get damaged or worn away by the weather. Finally your sign is polished ready to be delivered to you and fixed in place.

Siting your house sign

Curved Bronze house sign

Getting back to the taxi and van drivers for a moment, finding the right site for your house sign is as important as creating the right design. There’s no point creating a beautiful sign and then hiding it on a side door where no-one (including that weary van driver) can see it; similarly, don’t fix it above the patch of flower-bed where you’ve just planted a clematis that will have climbed all over your sign in a couple of years.

Instead, put your house sign somewhere where it’s easy to see and read even on a dark, rainy winter’s evening. Taxi and van drivers will thank you, new friends will find you easily and your neighbours will be grateful too, because cars won’t be crawling along the road as people search for your house. A really good, visible house sign benefits the whole area!

If all of this has encouraged you to design your own house sign, come and have a chat.

We’ll be happy to help you choose materials, lettering and any other design elements you want, and make you a sign that will last for years and do a really good job of letting all the right people find your house.

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