stainless steel house sign. stainless steel house signs

Stainless steel house signs

Your house sign is a reflection of your personality and the style of your house.  You may be the sort of person who wants to fit in with their surroundings or the sort that wants to stand out.  If you’re the second type, stainless steel house signs are an excellent way of making your home frontage look a bit different.

Good looks plus strength

Stainless steel has been around for over a century but it still looks modern and smart.  There are several grades of stainless steel available.  The one we use is marine grade 316 which, as its name suggests, is an especially good material to use if your home is near the seaside, as it stands up to salt winds that could corrode or tarnish other materials.  But it looks great elsewhere too!

Stainless steel won’t normally corrode or tarnish, so there’s no need to polish it or do any other form of maintenance.  In fact it’s better left alone, as some cleaning agents can damage the surface and, eventually, lead to corrosion.  Just fix your stainless steel house sign to your gatepost or wall and forget about it: it will look just as good in ten years’ time as it does the day you put it there.

Your design

The metal can be cut to any shape or size you want, so you could have a sign in the shape of your house, a visual pun on the name of your home or family, a fluffy cloud or sun perhaps, or a more classic square, oblong or round.  The only limits are your imagination and the practicalities of what you want written on it.

When it comes to what’s on the sign, you can leave the metal plain or make the words and/or numbers  more visible with tough, long-lasting paint.  We can etch the metal with a number, the name of your house, your family name or any combination of the above.  Having said that, it’s best not to put too much information on your sign.  A nice big number is much clearer to read than small text, especially in the dark or the pouring rain, and makes your home easy to find – which, after all, is the main reason for having a house sign.

Placing and fixing

For the same reason, it’s a good idea to make your house sign easy to spot from the road.  If you have a small front garden people will be able to see the sign reasonably clearly even if it’s fixed on the building, but if you have a longer drive placing the sign on your garden wall or fence is kinder to those who are searching for it.  A shiny, uncluttered, well-placed stainless steel house sign will be easy to see from a distance, making your visitors’ lives much simpler.

You can fix the sign flush with the wall or standing proud of it: we supply both types of fixings, and the screw-covers to go with them, so it’s down to your preference and the surface you’re attaching the sign to.  A stainless steel house sign can also be backed with wood, if you want, allowing you to use invisible fixings (they go through the wooden backing plate and then the stainless steel plate is glued to the front).  Invisible fixings are mainly used for aesthetic reasons but they also mean the sign can’t easily be removed by vandals.

Whatever design and size of stainless steel house sign you want, we can supply it.  We are also happy to advise if you want to discuss other options before reaching a decision.  So get in touch today and let Sign Industries help you give your house a smart new look.

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