Brass house sign, Brass house signs

A custom-made house sign can either be an ideal gift or a perfect finishing touch to your home. Whether it’s an elegant Georgian Manor House or modern and contemporary designed new build, one thing is clear – a customised house sign can make all the difference.

We’ll introduce the four main types of bespoke house signs that you can choose from; to help you make a more informed sign decision.

There are four main types of house sign, each with their own unique finish and style. They are –

  1. Brass House Sign
  2. Bronze House Sign
  3. Stainless Steal House Sign
  4. Perspex House Sign

brass house signBrass House Signs

An engraved brass sign is a wonderful alternative to more traditional solid cast brass signs. Brass house signs are made from a sheet of 3mm thick, highly polished brass, the bright golden effect has the advantage of retaining its finish for years, even when subjected to humidity or prolonged water exposure.

Brass signs are typically infilled in black to create a strong contrast against the brass. If you’d like to use a logo or image as part of the sign, other colour options are available.





bronze house sign Bronze House Signs

A bespoke bronze house sign is a premium alternative for your next house sign. Crafted from quality 3mm thick aged bronze, a bronze sign is robust, striking and stands the test of time. To produce bronze with a stronger darker colour, the bronze is patinated, which ensures that it ages beautifully over time.

Using white or cream as the infill colours provides a striking contrast against the dark bronze background.

For a truly stunning bronze sign, there is also the option to have the sign reverse etched. This elegant finish involves etching away the background and leaving the letters showing in the original bronze.




stainless steel house signStainless Steel House Signs

A stainless steel house sign has a slightly more modern look and feel than the more traditional brass or bronze house sign. Stainless steel signs are 3mm thick and come in either a brushed or polished finish. A 316 grade of steel provides a durable choice that can withstand being submerged in salt water.

A stainless steel sign is an attractive and contemporary option that can work well on any type of house.





Perspex House SignsPerspex House Signs

For the ultimate in modern house sign design, a perspex house sign can provide a flexible and highly customised option. A strong 4.5 coloured and textured backplate is overlaid with a 3mm thick clear Perspex, which has the vinyl lettering on the reverse.

The contrast between the two materials produces a very powerful effect that creates a sense of depth to the sign. The sign is finished with a solid brass standoff fixing that comes in a range of finishes including Satin Chrome, Chrome Polish and Gold Polish.

Got a question?

So whether you’re buying a sign for your home or as a housewarming gift for someone else, there is a huge variety of different sign options to choose from. We can’t choose for you, but hopefully you understand a bit more about the different options available.

If you’re not sure which sign is best for you and your home, leave a comment on this post and we’ll try to help you out.